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Client Testimonials

Joel Andrews


“Being a great listener and questioner, Joel helped me discover my personal role in improving communications and how to comfortably express my insight and views. His coaching helped me improve my productivity by learning how to seek out and understand work priorities and expectations. He has also made me very aware of the importance of a “promise”, and I have worked to instill it in my professional and personal life. Joel’s integrity, sincerity and experience made my coaching experience priceless.”

“I must admit that I was hesitant when my CEO first approached me about Professional Executive Coaching. Well, my roadblocks were quickly removed after my first meeting with my new Coach, Joel Andrews.”

“I was to learn (in coaching) that by taking myself into unknown territory and making myself a bit uncomfortable I would learn so much about myself.”

“Joel helped me shape myself into becoming a more balanced person and a more effective leader.”

Bill Benner


“Bill carefully guided me to review various aspects of my life, professional and personal. He offered exercises that brought out my personal strengths and also highlighted activities that encouraged high energy on my part. In other words, he helped me see what makes me tick and feel powerful and successful.”

“Bill helped me become equipped and confident to plot a course that will lead to a successful career and life. I can say honestly that I will continue to refresh my perspective so I can continue to define my goals, identify the tools necessary to construct them, and exercise the courage to realize them.”

“The coaching relationship helped me overcome several barriers in achieving not only my professional goals, but some personal ones as well. At the same time, he helped me think through ways to work through those barriers and take action.”

"Through well navigated techniques, resources, and most importantly, powerful conversations, I not only have a clear vision of what I can and want to do, but also a better understanding of who I am.”

Richard Hews:


“If you are open to new possibilities, then I highly recommend Richard Hews. Learning, exploring, having fun, are all words that come to my mind when I think about my coaching sessions. He will create with you a safe, supportive and respectful environment in which you can learn about yourself and grow.”

Leadership Teams

“Through these sessions, we were able to ensure that we had established trust and were aligned as individuals. Both of us have gained personal insights into our own behavior and our interactions with each other and our teams and feel that we will be more effective in our roles as leaders and facilitators.”

“In an era when so many of our leaders have shown themselves to be strangers to the power of trust, this is a must.”

— Marcus Buckingham,
coauthor of Now, Discover Your Strengths

In a 2006 study on grocery stores, top-executing stores had significantly higher trust levels than lower executing stores in every dimension measured.