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The Triscendance Trust Assessment for Organizations

What is it?
The Triscendance Trust Assessment for Organizations is designed to help an organization identify where there are negative issues of trust, to understand how these are manifested, and provide ways in which the issues might be addressed. It shines the light on your organization to help you see where trust exists and doesn’t. The assessment gives you insight about what can be done to improve the quality of relationships throughout your organization.

The results are presented in a comprehensive report which includes an introduction to the language of trust and a detailed summary of the results. One or more partners of Triscendance will lead the assessment.

Who is it designed for?
The Triscendance Trust Assessment for Organizations is designed for senior leaders and their teams who may be responsible for the whole organization, a division or large department (at least 100 employees). Such leaders will be aware of the impact that low trust levels can have on an organization, and share a desire to make improvements, although they may not be sure where to start.

Why is it needed?
Senior leaders are often unaware of the full extent of concerns that exist in their organizations. The hierarchical nature of most organizations means that staff is reluctant to provide candid feedback. By ensuring that all feedback is confidential, staff will more willingly provide the feedback senior leaders need on which to base effective action.

Survey Structure
The Triscendance Trust Assessment for Organizations is web-based and collects responses to 72 different behaviorally based statements that reveal the respondents view about different aspects of trust that impact the organization. The assessment concludes with two open-ended questions to collect additional data, while demographic data is collected to aid interpretation of the findings.

Promises of the Triscendance Trust Assessment for Organizations
As a result of the assessment and conversations about the results, you will have a clear understanding of your staff, managers and leaders’ views about the levels of trust they have with their colleagues. This will be based in clear behavioral terms relevant to the organization, which will allow specific actions to be identified, consistent with the strategy and values of the organization.


The offer includes

  • Introduction to the distinctions (language) of trust
  • Assessment for any number of respondents
  • Review of results and discussion of possible actions
  • Product Overview

    Trust Assessment Steps

    Sample Triscendance Trust Assessment for Organizations Results Report

    “Identifying trust as the critical leadership competency of the new global economy”

    — Ken Blanchard,
    coauthor of The One Minute Manager and The Secret

    Reportedly, IBM’s Tom Watson was asked if he was going to fire an employee who made a mistake that cost IBM $600,000. He said, “No, I just spent $600,000 training him. Why would I want somebody to hire his experience?”