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Triscendance Point Of View

Triscendance believes that all organizations will experience improvements in their results by improving levels of trust. This is achieved by developing the capability to build, maintain, and restore trust throughout the organization.

Trust is at the heart of effective relationships and is the glue that binds individuals and organizations together. High trust supports positive outcomes whereas low trust stifles productivity and creates an environment where people are reluctant to bring themselves fully to work. The ability to build and maintain trust is the most important competency for all leaders in any organization.

“Building trust is one of the most critical challenges facing our society today. . . indispensable for leaders in all three sectors determined to build and inspire trust across the organization.”

— Frances Hesselbein,
Chairman, The Leader to Leader Institute (formerly the Peter F. Drucker Foundation)

In a Watson Wyatt 2002 study, high-trust organizations outperformed low-trust organizations in total return to shareholders (stock price plus dividends) by 286%.